What to Do When a Divorce Agreement Is Not Followed

Before going to contempt court, talk to your divorce lawyer to get their opinion on whether the ex-spouse`s behavior is serious enough to support the charge. For example, if they are five minutes late to pick up the children, the judge will probably not grant a contempt of court application. However, if they don`t give you custody time or refuse to transfer the property prescribed in the prenuptial agreement, it might be enough for the court to find someone in contempt. What happens if a spouse does not abide by the marriage settlement agreement depends on the behavior and when it occurs. If you and your ex-spouse have reached an agreement but the divorce has not yet been concluded, you must first contact your family law lawyer. It may be necessary to renegotiate the terms of the agreement before the divorce becomes final. There is a two-year limitation period for bringing an enforcement action against a former spouse. This two-year period begins on the date on which the initial divorce decree was signed by the judge or becomes final after appeal, whichever is later. You can ask the court to grant you custody. Since the courts don`t necessarily like to change divorce agreements, this can be a lengthy process. This may include discoveries, hearings, and even a court hearing, as the case may be.

If you choose this route, be prepared for the long term. Divorce decrees are court orders, and both parties to the divorce must comply with the terms of the judgment. While it`s possible to seek law enforcement without hiring a lawyer, a family law attorney in your state can help make an unknown process a little easier. Wondering what to do if the divorce decree is violated for non-payment of family allowances or spouse`s benefits? When you go to court, there are quite a few legal remedies. However, most of these funds involve depriving a person of their livelihood and ability to earn a living. For example, a judge may revoke a party`s driver`s license as well as a prison sentence. The court can also revoke their license to practice law, accounting license, etc. in case of violation of the divorce agreement. In 2020, it was estimated that 39% of marriages ended in divorce.

If you are someone who has gone through the divorce, you may have difficulty with a spouse who does not respect your matrimonial settlement agreement. For example, they cannot pay child support or they cannot pay their share of the marital debt. You may not be following the terms of custody or you may try to deny yourself parenting time with your children. The court that issued the final divorce decree enforces the division of property. If you have any concerns about post-divorce issues, including non-compliance with the divorce order, contact Jeralyn Lawrence or another family law lawyer at Lawrence Law at (908) 645-1000. Our divorce lawyers Watchung and Red Bank can talk to you by phone or meet you online. If it seems unlikely that a party will follow the divorce agreement, it may not make sense to sign it as is. Even though it takes time and money, you need to make sure you protect yourself. Once a divorce agreement is finalized and is part of a court order, it is difficult to change it.

You can apply for enforcement of the judgment by filing an enforcement order and asking the judge to enforce the division of property in your divorce decree. An enforceable title does not alter or alter the initial division of property. The application specifies only how the property should be divided. You must file an application for enforcement in the same court where your divorce was originally filed. The other party must receive a notice by quotation and submit a written response to avoid a default judgment. Sometimes the parties may not comply with a divorce decree because they are not aware of the specific details established by the judge. Either party may apply for a clarification order before making a contempt request or as part of a contempt application. In this way, the court can specify which property belongs to whom and how it is to be divided.

You can request the delivery of the property. The court may order the surrender of the property granted in the divorce decree. During this time, you will need to express your concerns to your ex-spouse to let them know that they are violating the agreement. Maybe they didn`t realize there was a problem with what they were doing, or maybe they were trying to see what they could do in terms of behavior. Home » Contempt of court in divorce: what to do if the divorce decree is violated In addition, it is our duty to anticipate the obligations that the client`s ex may not fulfill after the divorce, which facilitates the execution of the judgment. .